The awakening power- paper tube material



You have seen the desert rainstorm, a lot of miracles, then you have not seen it ... it is solid as solid wood, safe and reliable, recyclable paper tube material, paper tube furniture?

      Paper tube material is environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, lightweight, load-bearing  capacity with super strong characteristics. Because wood or melamine board is solid,in the furniture

structure,we can not let the structure of wood furniture or melamine  board furniture directly connected, but our hollow paper tubes can.

    In order to turn the paper into furniture,the founder of our company spent ten years and energy in

the structure repeatedly research, from the first generation need connectors to make the structure

stable, to now we do not need connectors, can also make the structure stable.

 During the period, many paper furniture lovers bought these paper furniture to use. These early

adopters witnessed our paper tube materials with a strong load-bearing capacity,and could withstand

wet weather and resist dry weather. These advantages support our team always insisted on the

structure of paper tube furniture design and development and research.

    At present, we have applied for the invention patent for the core structure of paper tube furniture.

With the continuous optimization of product structure, our company's products mainly include kindergarten series. For example, 4-seater tables,long tables for kids activity, small chairs, shelves, and small

beds these basic series has been covered. There is also a children's bedroom space series, juvenile

paper tube study desk (computer desk), paper tube stool, paper tube bookshelf products.

   Technology makes paper no longer fragile, it can become durable furniture, one is not

contaminated, can also be recycled, making simple and fashion quality for the ecological environment. Paper-made homeland, paper makes a healthy life and a better future of

the earth!

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